data-loader Custom Element to load data declaratively

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<script type="module">
  import dataLoader from '';



A standard Custom Element fetching data declaratively.

It follows the current v1 draft.

Will load the data at the URL defined in the src property of a source element that it contains.

It can also parse JSON from the content of a script tag of type application/json.



  <source src="" />

See it running Here.

Use with custom namespace

Only needed if the data-loader name clashes with an other existing Custom Element.

import DataLoader from "data-loader";

// Register the Custom Elements
customElements.define("namespaced-data-loader", DataLoader);

And then in the HTML, use like so:

  <source src="" />


This element assumes support for at least ES2015. To support older browsers you might need to transpile the code you use down to the version you are planning on supporting.

You might need to use a polyfill for browsers not supporting Custom Elements v1 (not v0). See webcomponents.js or SkateJS Web Components.


To be completed


name default value information DOM attribute writable
data null data loaded by the component (same than the data dispatched in the load event) no no
loaded false flag informing if data is currently loaded no no
selector null selector to extract data from the payload (see lodash.get documentation) yes no


event name information
error Fired when none of the URL defined in the source elements is reachable nor returns a valid response
load Fired when a URL returns a valid response, contains the data loaded (same as data property)