Fetch DB long distance train numbers for a given time interval.

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  import dbTrainNumbers from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/db-train-numbers';



Fetch DB long distance train numbers for a given time interval.

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npm install --save db-train-numbers


const trainNumbers = require('db-train-numbers')

const start = new Date('2018-06-19T05:30:00')
const end = new Date('2018-06-19T08:30:00')

const opt = { // defaults
    interval: 10 // lookup train numbers every * minutes between start and end    

trainNumbers(start, end, opt)

Returns a Promise that will resolve in an array of train objects which looks as follows:

        train: "IC 11840",
        journeyRef: "84/326594/18/19/80",
        lastDeparture: "2018-06-19T03:21:00.000Z"
        train: "IC 528",
        journeyRef: "84/324965/18/19/80",
        lastDeparture: "2018-06-19T03:24:00.000Z"
        train: "EN 40467",
        journeyRef: "84/267796/18/19/80",
        lastDeparture: "2018-06-18T03:12:00.000Z"
        train: "IC 516",
        journeyRef: "84/257824/18/19/80",
        lastDeparture: "2018-06-19T03:24:00.000Z"
        train: "IC 3518",
        journeyRef: "84/252900/18/19/80",
        lastDeparture: "2018-06-19T03:33:00.000Z"
        train: "ICE 71",
        journeyRef: "84/215926/18/19/80",
        lastDeparture: "2018-06-19T03:18:00.000Z"
        train: "EC 7",
        journeyRef: "84/215818/18/19/80",
        lastDeparture: "2018-06-19T02:49:00.000Z"
    // …

Fetch further information for trains using the journeyRef attribute and the journeyLeg method provided by the db-hafas module.

You can use the lastDeparture attribute with the db-wagenreihung module.


If you found a bug or want to propose a feature, feel free to visit the issues page.