A tool to help setup a phonegap project with DerbyJS.

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<script type="module">
  import derbygap from '';



A simple tool to create a PhoneGap app with Derby.


$ npm install derbygap --save

Client Usage

Creating a derbygap app is similar to creating a standard derby app.

In addition to creating the app's script bundle, you must also create the app's html by calling derbygap.writeHtml.

The following example assumes the following:

  1. You've initialized a phonegap project named phonegap.

  2. Your app has the route /phonegap.

    var derbyApp = require('…'); var expressApp = require('…'); var store = require('…'); var derby = require('derby'); var derbygap = require('derbygap'); var path = require('path'); () { var dir = path.join(__dirname, 'phonegap/www'); var sourceUrl = 'http://localhost:3000/phonegap'; var opts = {serverUrl: ''}; expressApp.listen(3000);

    // will write your app bundle to "phonegap/www/derby/….js" derbygap.writeScripts(derbyApp, store, dir, opts, function () { // will write your app html to "phonegap/www/index.html" derbygap.writeHtml(dir, sourceUrl); }); });

Derbygap generates your app html by making a request to the running app.

Ensure that the route handling the url derbygap requests does NOT have redirects and does NOT render differently based on session information. Any redirect logic on the route should be run client side only.

Make sure to include cordova.js:

  {{if $phonegap.enabled}}
  <script src="cordova.js"></script>
  <base href="{{$phonegap.baseUrl}}">
  <script src="some/other/file.js"></script>  

Server Usage

You may optionally include the derbygap middleware in your express app to add $phonegap data to your model.

var derbygap = require('derbygap');



Adds the following model data:

$phonegap.baseUrl - Blank if phonegap is enabled and "/" otherwise.

$phonegap.enabled - True if phonegap is enabled.


enabled - Manually enable/disable the middleware.

env - Environment variable that will enable the middleware. Defaults to PHONEGAP.

reqHeader - Request header that will enable the middleware. Defaults to X-PHONEGAP.


  • Make sure the url you generate the html from does not contain server side specific logic, redirects, or change html/data based upon session information.

  • Linked files should use relative rather than absolute urls. You can use $phonegap.baseUrl in your views as a url prefix for linking to files.