1stdibs custom linting

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  import dibslint from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/dibslint';



A wrapper around eslint that is smart enough to flag es6 code in files that do not end with .es.js. It uses eslint configs in the eslint-config-1stdibs package

Usage in PHPStorm

Make your eslint configuration settings look like this. Note that the IDE will not be able to show errors for es6 code in files without an .es.js extenstion.

Usage in Sublime Text

In the SublimeLinter settings, set the "args" in the eslint settings: Preferences -> Package Settings -> Sublime Linter -> Settings-User

 "linters": {
            "eslint": {
                "@disable": false,
                "args": [
                    "-c",  "/usr/local/opt/nvm/v0.10.38/lib/node_modules/dibslint/configs/react.js"

Substitute the appropriate path to dibslint/configs/react.js.

Precommit hook

Use the --git flag with the pre-commit package on npm to lint changed files on each commit.