Client for Microsoft Botframework Direct Line REST API

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Microsoft Botframework Direct Line API library


The Direct Line API is a simple REST API for connecting directly to a single bot. This API is intended for developers writing their own client applications, web chat controls, or mobile apps that will talk to their bot.


npm install directline-api


Check out test/test.js for samples.

var client = require('directline-api');
// get a token

// create a conversation

// post a message in a conversation
client.postMessage(token, conversationId, {
                text: 'YOUR_TEXT'

// post a message with an userId, userId is your unique id for message sender.
client.ask(token, conversationId, {
                        text: 'YOUR_TEXT',
                        from: 'FROM_USERID'

// post a file in a conversation
client.postFileMessage(token, conversationId, formData);

// get messages in a conversation
client.getMessages(token, conversationId, [watermark]);

// generate a new conversation and token

// renew a token for a conversation
client.renewConversationToken(token, conversationId);

// request with a text and get response
client.ask(token, conversationId, body);

Run Test

npm install
touch test/conf.json # ADD secret as 'DIRECT_LINE_SECRET'
npm test