an help module to do a discord bot with discord.js (easy to use)

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import discordbotHelper from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/discordbot-helper';



a module to help you create a discord bot wit discord.js. if you have questions go on this discord Link


npm install discordbot-helper

Example: a normal bot

var helper =  require('discordbot-helper');

// Remove ID and put your id (To get type \@Your username. DON'T copy the < , > and @ just take the numbers ex: 35465634)

helper.on("logged", function () {
// You need this for the bot to work,

    helper.addCommand("!owner", helper.getOwner());
// This outputs the owner's username. sometimes its not working.
    helper.addCommand("ayy", "lmao");
// This is to create a command, when someone typed ayy it replies lmao.

    helper.addMentionCommand("how are you?", "I am good.");
// This is basicaly addCommand but it mentions the message sender before the output
// ex. "how are you?" "@username, i am good."

    helper.addCommandStartWith("Hello", "Hello!");
// It's like addCommand but less strict, if it starts with the command it'll do the output. 
// Here is a example.
// ex. "Hello guys!" "Hello!" 

// Here is a reason you would actually need to use this, for a say command.
    helper.addCommandStartWith("!say", "{content}");
// if someone types "!say Hi" the bot will say "Hi". Almost forgot {content} outputs what
// the message sender said after the 1st word

helper.addCommand("commands", helper.commands());
// This is to get a full list of commands, to take all the commands make this line after all commands like in this example.
// Commands: ayy, how are you?, Hello, !say
// You need this to end off the helper.on

// helper.login("email", "pass")
// For user bots add // to the begining of the loginToken and remove the // in helper.login
// Insert your token here, if you are using a user account please acknowledge the terms and service
// A video on how to get a bot account. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUXYx7zgmx0