Strongly typed client that helps your server to connect to the Disqus API.

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  import disqusServerClient from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/disqus-server-client';


Disqus Server Client - Strongly Typed

Strongly typed client that helps your server to connect to the Disqus API.


The Disqus API - although not very documented - is very easy to implement. This implementation has a view advantages:

  • Implemented using TypeScript, so we have types and you have auto-complete
  • Uses Axios which gives use Promises, so you can use async and await
  • Uses Node Cache to cache some endpoints, so your performance is better.
  • All end points were generated from the Disqus API docs, so you don't have to look them up.
  • Forward compatible. If Disqus creates new end points, you can still use them by calling the post, get or the request method.

Drawbacks from this method:

  • Not all end points are documented.
  • Not all end points have examples, so we could not generate all return typed.


Let's show some code.

New up a client:

// Node.js
const { Disqus } = require("disqus-server-client")

// Or TypeScript:
import { Disqus } from 'disqus-server-client'

const config = {
    accessToken: "...",
    apiKey:      "...",
    apiSecret:   "..."

const disqus = new Disqus(config)

Getting the posts:

const r = await disqus.post.list({ forum: "keestalkstech" })
const posts = r.response.map(post => ({
    msg: post.msg,
    by: post.author.name || post.author.username,
    thread: post.thread


Getting the details of a thread:

const id = "...";
const r = await disqus.threads.details({ thread: id })
const thread = {
    title: r.response.title,
    url: r.response.link,



This project is maintained by Kees C. Bakker.