Parses a Dockerfile and returns an array of commands.

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  import dockerFileParser from '';


Docker file parser

Parses a dockerfile contents string and returns the array of commands, keeping the original file order.


var parser = require('docker-file-parser');
var options = { includeComments: false };
var contents = 'FROM ubuntu:latest\n'
            + 'ADD . /root\n'
            + 'RUN echo done\n';

var commands = parser.parse(contents, options);

commands.every(function (cmd) { console.log(cmd); });


  • includeComments Whether to include comment commands in the returned array. A comment will have the command name as 'COMMENT'.

Command entries

Each returned command entry is an object with these properties:

  • name The capitalized name of the command, e.g. 'FROM'.
  • args Arguments for the command (can be array, string or map).
  • lineno Line number from the contents string.
  • error Only if there was an error parsing command.


    name: 'ADD',
    args: [ '.', '/srv/app' ],
    lineno: 5


There are other docker file parse modules for JavaScript, like dockerfile-parse and dockerfile-parser, this module differs in the follow aspects:

  • keeps the ordering of the commands (as they occur in the dockerfile)
  • written from a translation of the docker parser.go
  • properly handles character escaping and quoting, e.g. ENV myName="John Doe" myDog=Rex\ The\ Dog
  • handles multi-line commands (i.e. have a line continuance '' at the end)
  • can optionally include the comments