Typescript / Node utilities for interacting with the Docker Hub API.

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What is this?

docker-hub-utils is an NPM package (packaged to work both in node.js as well as in the browser), providing utility functions wrapping the Docker Hub API. This was created because the native API provides little to no support for basic operations like filtering queries, and can be quite verbose when e.g., fetching Manifest Lists, which is required to determine which architectures a given image supports.

Currently supported operations

  • Querying top repos by username / organization name.
  • Filtering top user / org repositories by date last updated; this is useful when you're only interested in repositories that have been updated in the past N months / years / etc, a feature missing from the native API.
  • Fetching Manifest Lists for any repository image in a single function call, abstracting away the bearer token authentication dance.

You can see examples of these operations in use within the docker-hub-graphql-api project, or in this project's test cases.