build images from many different sources!

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Builds docker images using remote Dockerfiles and source directories from S3


npm install Runnable/docker-image-builder


For an example, see example.js. Replace the AWS placeholders with valid credentials, and populate the context with valid information (source, and optionally versions). This is how you would use this module externally.

This also assumes you have Docker running locally on the standard port (4243).

Be sure to run npm install prior to running the example.

Finally, run the example:

node example.js

You can see more verbose debugging output by setting DEBUG before running.

DEBUG=docker-image-builder:* node example.js

File Versions

This now supports specifying S3 file versions for specific keys. See the example.js for how it is used, but here is the gist: in the context, include a key versions which is a map of Key: VersionId and is used to retrieve specific versions of an object out of S3.


There is one test written, which can be run using npm test. It currently uses nock to mock all the calls to S3 and Docker, which makes it run quickly but only test the functionality of the written logic.