Modules that provide modular fills of ES6+ functionality

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This package provides functional shims for ECMAScript.

It is targeted at providing function shims for ECMAScript 6 and beyond targeted at ECMAScript 5. It is different other solutions of shimming or polyfilling functionality, in that it does not provide the functionality via augmenting the built in classes in the global namespace.

The one exception to this though is the Symbol functionality, in that the well-known symbols need to be located off of the global Symbol object in order to ensure that the correct symbol is referenced.

WARNING This is beta software. While we do not anticipate significant changes to the API at this stage, we may feel the need to do so. This is not yet production ready, so you should use at your own risk.


TODO: Add sections on features of this package

Data Structures


The dojo-shim/Map class is an implementation of the ES2015 Map specification without iterators for use in older browsers.


The dojo-shim/WeakMap class is an implementation of the ES2015 WeakMap specification without iterators for use in older browsers. The main difference between WeakMap and Map is that WeakMap's keys can only be objects and that the store has a weak reference to the key/value pair. This allows for the garbage collector to remove pairs.

Look at Map for more information on how to use WeakMap.

How do I use this package?

TODO: Add appropriate usage and instruction guidelines

How do I contribute?

We appreciate your interest! Please see the Dojo 2 Meta Repository for the Contributing Guidelines and Style Guide.


Test cases MUST be written using Intern using the Object test interface and Assert assertion interface.

90% branch coverage MUST be provided for all code submitted to this repository, as reported by istanbul’s combined coverage results for all supported platforms.

To test locally in node run:

grunt test

To test against browsers with a local selenium server run:

grunt test:local

To test against BrowserStack or Sauce Labs run:

grunt test:browserstack


grunt test:saucelabs

Licensing information

TODO: If third-party code was used to write this library, make a list of project names and licenses here

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