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  import dueworkWidget from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/duework-widget';


React Widgets

The simplete way to integrate wiki and knowledge base, customer feedback, onboarding for growing teams. Beautiful, feature rich, and components.

All in one customer engagement

Knowledge base | Live Chat | User Onboarding | Customer Feedback



Due.Work Feedback


Due.Work Onboarding


Due.Work Live Chat

Live Chat

Widgets Demo

Standalone Link Demo


npm install react-widget-plugins --save
yarn add react-widgets-plugins

How to use

import ReactWidget from 'react-widget-plugins';
  workspaceId={workspaceId} //Required - follow step at bottom to get your workspaceId
  widget="popup" // popup | dialog | inline
  onLoad={() => {
    console.log('Widget has loaded successfully.');


Name Required Type Default Description
onLoad       Function             A callback to be called when widget is loaded successfully. function onLoad() { /* Widget Loaded Successfully */ }
widget String popup Type of widget on which you want to load your plugins popup|dialog|inline

How to get workspaceId

  1. Signup/Login to www.due.work
  2. Create a project (From templates or an empty project)
  3. Click on button Add to website
  4. Activate your plugins of your choice ( Knowledge base | Live Chat | User Onboarding | Customer Feedback )
  5. Go to embed code option and first argument of the code will be workspaceId. duework.popup.init("H01xss"). Here "H01xss" is workspaceId
  6. For more help check our support page Due.Work Help and Support

Contact Us and Help

For more info contact us at support@due.work
Our Help and Support Page Due.Work Help and Support