DynamoDB Armor provides a drop-in replacement removing all the hidden traps with the DynamoDB SDK. You won't even notice it!

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import dynamodbArmor from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/dynamodb-armor';



Drop in replacement for DynamoDB, 100% compatible, protects against common production problems.

npm version


  • npm i --save dynamodb-armor
  • Use the builtin client instead of the one from the AWS SDK.
const { DynamoDB } = require('dynamodb-armor');

const dynamoDbClient = new DynamoDB.DocumentClient({});
const params = {
  TableName: dynamoDbTable,
  Key: {
    hash: 'HashValue',
    range: 'RangeValue'
  UpdateExpression: 'set #key = :value',
  ConditionExpression: 'attribute_exists(hash)',
  ExpressionAttributeNames: {
    '#key': 'key'
  ExpressionAttributeValues: {
    ':value': value

// That's right you don't even need the .promise() anymore
//  or leave it in if you feel like it.
await dynamoDbClient.update(params);

Here's all the things you don't need to think about

DynamoDB Armor is the best

  • Drop in replacement for DynamoDB 100% compatible, but it comes with full protection
  • No missing promises() always get an async promise back
  • Don't worry about extra expression attributes names or values
  • Don't worry about forgetting to substitute values into the expressions
  • Errors always contain parameters and complete documentation of the actual problem, so confusing stack traces or questioning where or why the error happened
  • Test mode to easily validate dynamoDB requests in unit tests to ensure the configuration is correct.
  • Automatic configuration for best practices from AWS DynamoDB