When you just don't have the words. Snoop does.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import eafd from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/eafd';


eafd NPM version js-standard-style

"Enter name here" can eat a fat, um, turkey

Web Service

Returns an audio file. If someone clicks the link, better hope their speakers are turned down. Especially if you send them the dirty version.

It's perfect for team meetings, ping it to your co-workers while on a call and listen for the fun :thumbsup:.

If you don't add anything to the path it just picks some random phrases from generally unliked things. If you pass it some words though you can custom tailor the message for your audience. Just send this in your group chat: https://eaft.doesdev.com/everyone-in-this-pointless-meeting

Clean Version ( "... can eat a fat turkey" )


Dirty Version ( "... can eat a fat ...." )


CLI Usage

$ npm install --global eafd
$ eafd --help
$ eafd "someones name" /path/to/write/file.mp3

Programmatic Usage

$ npm install --save eafd
const eafd = require('eafd')
const { writeFileSync } = require('fs')

async function main (name, output) {
  let mp3Data = await eafd(name)
  writeFileSync(output, mp3Data)


Main function returns Promise that resolves with Buffer of mp3 file


  • name [string - required] Name to insert before Snoop's EAFD


MIT © Andrew Carpenter