ealert-api-rulz is a small API that enable to manage ealastalert rules

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Is small API that enable to manage ealastalert(https://github.com/Yelp/elastalert) rules CRUD via REST requests. Here some relevant points about the API:

  • The API will store all the rules in a elasticsearch database and the filesystem.

  • To avoid the unique rule name constraint from ealert we use the elasticsearch id as the rule name, we encorage you to use the description field instead.

  • No Validation, the API will not validate the data in the request, but it will filter the body grabbing only the fields allowed by elastalert depending on the rule type(http://elastalert.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ruletypes.html)

  • This is a beta version, so use it as you own risk.


npm install -g ealert-api-rulz


ealert-api-rulz enables the next endpoints: GET /elastalert/rule/:id GET /elastalert/rule POST /elastalert/rule PUT /elastalert/rule/:id DELETE /elastalert/rule/:id

Defaults & Config

You can find the default config on this repo .ealertapirc.

  //the port were the API will run
  "port" : 3000,

  //if the auth key is in the configuration file the API will start with basic http authentication
  "auth" : {
    "user" : "root",
    "pass" : "root"

  //elastic host and port where the API will store the saved data
  "es_host" : "localhost",
  "es_port" : "9200",

  //path to the elastalert rules directory
  "path" : "./rules",

  //index and type name for the rules data
  "index": "rulez",
  "type" : "rule",

  //default data to be merged with the requests
  "defaults" : {
    "es_host" : "elasticsearch_host",
    "es_port" : 9200


npm run test