Run local NodeJS scripts using CommonJS modules in Earth Engine

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Run local NodeJS scripts using CommonJS modules in the Earth Engine playground.


Initial Install

Quick Start Video

First, you will need the Earth Engine connector file server. Install via NPM.

> npm install -g earthengine-connector

Second, you need the Earth Engine Connector Google Chrome Plugin. Click the link to install.


Now start the up the server in the directory where your local Earth Engine scripts live. Alternatively you can pass a directory to the server as the first argument.

> js-ee [dir]

You can test the server is working by visiting in your browser.


Visit with the Chrome extension installed and js-ee server running. There are some examples tutorial scripts in the examples dir you can serve with js-ee for testing.

At the bottom right corner for the Earth Engine playground you should see a upload icon button. Click it to see all files from the directory you are serving.
Click any file to load.

At any time you and reload the file list by clicking the refresh icon below the file list. You can refresh a loaded file by clicking the main refresh icon next to the upload icon. This icon only shows after a file is loaded and the file selector window is closed.

Writing scripts

You are now free to break your EE scripts into multiple files using the NodeJS require() function to import other files. You can pull and publish to NPM as well, though be warned, all imported JS code needs to be able to run inside the EE playground. Finally, you can now store your scripts in Github, Bitbucket or other common code repositories.

Connection Issues

If is loading but your are still see the message Error connecting the JS-EE server, check the right side of the address bar. If you see a shield with a slash through it, click the icon and allow mixed content to load.