Multiplex leveldowns--accessing values from multiple stores through one

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  import easierLevelMultiplexer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easier-level-multiplexer';



A level-multiplexer designed with easier-abstract-leveldown in mind (still compatible with abstract-leveldown)

Multiplex a single leveldown compatible store to many, determining which store will have a copy of the value based on some mapper function which utilizes the value.

Is similar but slightly more versitile than level-mount as instead of depending on the key, it enables you to sort based on the value. This however results in more overhead because you have to save pointers to the values in the multiplexed stores.

Fortunately this project supports singular values existing in multiple backend stores (replication), it also abuses the easier-leveldown post method enabling the put keys of the level-multiplexer to be completely independent of the keys in the replicated stores (which are obtained via a post).


const hybrid_db = levelup(levelmount({
  store: leveldown('root'),
  options: {}, // options for leveldown open
  stores: [
      key: 'fallback',
      store: memdown(),
      key: 'a',
      store: memdown(),
      key: 'b',
      store: someotherdown(),
      options: {}, // someotherdown options for leveldown open
  // We'll map based on a `stores` variable which takes a list
  mapper: (v) => {
    const stores = v.stores.filter((store) => ['a', 'b'].indexOf(store))
    if (stores.length === 0)
      return ['fallback']
    return stores

hybrid_db.put('hello', { stores: ['a', 'b'], doc: 'whatever' }) // ends up in stores `a` and `b` with an arbitrarily generated keys for each
hybrid_db.put('goodbye', { stores: [], doc: 'whatever' }) // ends up in store `fallback` with an arbitrarily generated key

hybrid_db.get('hello') // fetches the document versions back from the `a` and `b`, potentially dealing with collisions

It also supports the features of easier-abstract-leveldown, including post, propagation of changes from underlying easier leveldowns.