Eslint config installer

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Eastwood aims to provide simple setup of ESLint and editor configurations. 3.0.0+ correctly installs packages as devDependencies.

Installation & Use

npm install -g eastwood
eastwood airbnb

ESLint allows extending or overriding the .eslintrc file per directory. With the --here flag, Eastwood will install any required packages, but only add the appropriate .eslintrc to the current directory.

eastwood react-app
cd lib
eastwood airbnb --here

Internal Rulesets

If no ruleset is provided, airbnb is used as default.

External Rulesets

Rulesets not in the internal list will cause Eastwood to check for a npm package prefixed with eastwood-config-. eastwood-config-example has been created to demonstrate this.

npm install --save-dev eastwood-config-example
eastwood example

Configs also work with the --here flag.

Currently, the package must be in the local npm_modules folder. Support for globally installed modules is planned.


  • Support checks for globally installed eastwood-config-* packages
  • Writing an .eslintrc to the local directory
  • Updating .eslintrc rather than just an initial write.
  • Updating .editorconfig rather than just an initial write.

And maybe:

  • Prettier?
  • Who knows?