ReadMe and instruction for easy-loger module

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  import easyLoger from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-loger';


ReadMe and instruction for easy-loger module

Base information:

*Use node.js in v10.x
*Log file is in main project file
*Log file name is log.txt

Wht is easy-loger?

Easy-loger is light engine for create log form application. Logs are in txt file in a configurable path. Log file are created automatic on demand. The Newest log row is the last row in log.txt. Configuration for log engine are in .env file. Config parameter: consolePrint - value "true" - show all log message in system console, "false" - log message are not print in system console logLevel - value "error" - engine save only error log, "warning" - engine save only warning and error log, "info" - engine save only info message, "all" - engine save all log message If console print is running engine show all message regardless to logLevel.

How to create log

1.Add easy loger config to .env file, LOG_FILE_PATH=./log.txt LOG_LEVEL=all CONSOLE_LOG_PRINT=true 2.Add logger module to node const log = require('easy-loger'); 3. Add Create Log function log.createLog(message, message level), where message is string log information, available levels is: info, warning, error. All Create Log parameter are string and must be in "" !

Change log

Version Description
1.0.1 Initial version with JSON config file
1.0.2 Fix problem with: log.txt path, package run. Add to read me information how to run package config
2.0.0 Change config source to .env file JSON config is not available. Added configurable path for log.txt