Make keyboard navigation and accessibility easy again.

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Make keyboard navigation and accessibility easy again.

This script will allows you to define, by a simple array of objects, a flatten map of your elements to represent the keyboard navigation. Each element will have to be defined by a classic id to help the script to find them easily. Furthermore, you will have to specify a type to each of your elements (INPUT, BUTTON, LIST, ...) to a set a specific behavior to your element. On a change route, the script will parse your array of elements to find them in the DOM and create a tabindex list (starting from 0). All other elements will have a tabindex set to -1 to prevent unwanted behaviors. When a mutation is observed in the DOM, the script will re-run the search to find new elements or to remove the destroyed ones.

What about accessibility dude ?

By specifying a type to your element in your array of elements, the script will automaticaly add basics aria roles. For example, if your element have a BUTTON type, the script will add "role=button" to the element. If you want to add specific roles to your element, you have the possibility to add them with the "attributes" array. What's the purpose of that ? The purpose is to have all your accessibility logic at the same place avoiding to go in all your potential HTML files.


You will need Node.js installed on your system.

$ npm install easy-nav --save

Example of Keyboard Navigation object:

import { Navigation, ElementList, ElementType } from 'easy-nav';

export const NavigationConfig = {
    general: {
        header: [
                id: 'home-button',
                type: ElementType.BUTTON
        footer: []
    routes: [
            path: 'home',
            elements: [
                    id: 'home-title',
                    type: ElementType.LABEL

Then in your main component (example made with Angular):

import { KeyboardNavigation } from 'easy-nav';
import { NavigationConfig } from '...' // Import your navigation object.

export class AppComponent implements OnInit, OnDestroy {
    private navigation = new KeyboardNavigation();
    private readonly _destroy$ = new Subject();

    constructor(private router: Router) { }

    ngOnInit() {
        this.navigation.init(NavigationConfig); // Init the script with your configuration.
        this.router.events.pipe(takeUntil(this._destroy$)).subscribe(route => {
            if (route instanceof NavigationEnd)
                // You have to call onChangeRoute method when a navigation occured.


And that's all folks !!


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Built With

  • Dropwizard - The web framework used
  • Maven - Dependency Management
  • ROME - Used to generate RSS Feeds


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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE.md file for details


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