easy file.pid managment for node.js process

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  import easyPidFile from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-pid-file';





Easy management of the file.pid (simple file holding the PID number of the node process), this can be useful when the process need to be always alive on the server machine and so on ....

Chose the path to store te file (right privilege for that path if is a system folder) ** eg. /var/mynodeprocess.pid ** , and with one line of code you are ok !

If the path you set in won't be valid an error ENOENT or EACCES will be raise !

HOW it works

Here i'll show how use the package, with a short version, you get only the .pid file on the path, or with the initialization of the var that can be use to check the file's write operation :

    // create the .pid file in the project folder

    // instantiate and use the variable
    var pidfile = require('./easy-pid-file.js')('~/project-x/my-process-pid.pid');

    // check
      // true
      // false

If you want to save file.pid in system's folder like '/run/..' '/var/..' and so on, be sure that your Node.js process granted the right privilege (otherwise check return false and file.pid fails).


You get only two methods you can use the getPath() and the getState() :

    var pidfile = require('./easy-pid-file.js')('myfile.pid');

    // get you the path  you have inserted

    // get you the status true(CREATED)


If a false value is returned an exception is raised, the exceptions catch in the False value returned are the ENOENT and the EACCES.

Exists / NOT

The package do NOT create new folder, if the path does NOT exists, a Boolean value False is returned, and the file.pid won't be create. The simplicity of this package give at you the responsibility to pass a valid path in the package call.

That's it, that's all !!