Yet another react redux integration only with stateless function components

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Yet another react redux integration only with stateless function components.


Some people likes writing only pure functions in React and it's also known as stateless function components. Redux helps writing components as stateless functions because it is a single store to hold the entire application state. Technically, one doesn't need to use component level state any more.

There is an official React binding for Redux called React Redux. The connect method is pretty powerful and carefully tuned for performance. As its major focus is performance and scalability, however, it's not very intuitive for beginners. In the tutorial, the simple usage of Redux without react-redux is introduced, which is good for learning.

As the official binding is not necessary to use Redux with React, this project is to seek an alternative. The goal of this project is to provide yet another binding for beginners and developers who develop relatively small apps which don't require connect-level tuning.


npm install easy-react-redux --save


Baseline usage

import { subscribe } from 'easy-react-redux';

const Hello = subscribe()(({ name, store }) => (
    <div>Hello {name}!</div>

const App = ({ store }) => (<Hello name="world" store={store} />);

const store = createStore(reducer, initialState);

ReactDOM.render(<App store={store} />, document.getElementById('app'));

When the application state is changed, it will only re-render Hello component.

Limiting subscription

import { subscribeWithKey } from 'easy-react-redux';
const Hello = subscribeWithKey('message')(({ name, store }) => (
    <div>Hello {name}!</div>

This will only re-render the component if message in the state changes.


There're some other methods: subscribeWithPath, subscribeWithoutKey, and subscribeWithCustomKey which is not simple anymore.

The good thing is that there's no hack and the source code is simple, and hence predictable. Please take a look at the code to get more insight.

If you think passing store in the props all the way down is annoying, you can use Provider from react-redux and passes store in the context. See the example folder for more information.


The example folder contains a working example. You can run it with:

PORT=8080 npm run example

and open http://localhost:8080 in your web browser.