Generate easy to read/spell ids using simple words and numbers.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import easyReadIds from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-read-ids';


Easy Read Ids

Easy to read and write IDs for javascript applications.

Generates mostly unique IDs that should be easy to read and write. ID's are generated using a simple makeup of any of the following or all of them!

  • Actions
  • Animals
  • Colors
  • Adjectives
  • Numbers
  • Nautical Words

That last one is a strange one, I know... I work for a ferry company :-)

The package was created to add some id space to our capabilities as well as some configuration. We also use these id's for customer facing interaction, so we wanted to remove some of the more unsavory adjective/animal combos some people were complaining about. People will complain about anything and everything.


$ npm install easy-read-ids


For a simple adjective-animal-number(0-100) just try:

const erid = require('easy-read-ids');

// harmless-dingo-2

For more customization check out the api!


erid.generate([elements], maxNumber, separator)

elements: array of elements you want to be in the generated id (options include action, animal, color, nautical, adjective, number) Default is ['adjective', 'animal', 'number']

maxNumber: integer of the maximum number to use for the random number if included in the elements array. i.e. 500 would be generate a number from 0-500 instead of the default 0-100

separator: string that will replace the separator between elements. Default is -

erid.generate(['color', 'action', 'adjective', 'animal', 'number'], 500, ' | ');
// brown | bouncing | happy | owl | 351

erid.getIDSpace([elements], maxNumber)

To find out the ID space of your current configuration, we provided a simple way to check.
Just use the same arguments you plan to use and the size of the id space will be returned.

erid.getIDSpace(['color', 'action', 'adjective', 'animal', 'number'], 500);
// 26,129,180,000