Easy schema validation for Node.js

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  import easySchemas from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-schemas';



A Node.js Schema package to validate items easily.


npm install --save easy-schemas

How to use?

First you need to import this package:

  // ES5
  const Schema = require('easy-schemas');
  // ES6
  import Schema from 'easy-schemas';

Then you need to create an schema:

  let Point = { x: Number, y: Number };
  // it could also be:
  let Point = { x: { type: Number }, y: { type: Number } };
  // or:
  let Point = { x: { type: 'number' }, y: 'number' };

After that you just validate it:

  let p = { x: 2, y: 3 };
  let validation = Point.validate(p);
  if (!validation.valid) { // Invalid validation
    console.log(validation.errors) // Simple list of errors

Schema type options:

  • type: Required. It is the wanted type (an Schema, a class or an String to evaluate)
  • min: Optional. Allows to check the length of arrays and strings, or the value if it's a number or date.
  • max: Optional. Works just the same way as min, but for maximun value.
  • required: Optional. By default, all fields are nulleable (undefined fields are still invalid), use required: true to avoid that.
  • pattern: Optional. Used to check if a String matches this pattern (it must be a RegExp).
  • validator: Optional. A function as the value as argument, if custom or complex validation is needed.