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<script type="module">
  import easyScript from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-script';



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const EZ = require('easy-script'); // ["embed", "mod"];

// embed function:
EZ.embed(title, author, desc, footer, color, thumbnail, image);
// Example: 
EZ.embed("The Title", "none", "Made by Derpy", footer, "#FFFFFF", thumbnail, image);
// put "none" for disable something you want;

// moderation function:
EZ.mod(message, action, channel, user, reason, length);
// actions list for now: warn, kick, ban;
// Example:
EZ.mod(message, "kick", "mod-log", "388320576407863297", "test"); 
// channel can be name or id; user can be username or id;

// Example with length:
EZ.mod(message, "ban", "mod-log", "388320576407863297", "test", "10m");
// 5s - seconds; 10m - minutes; 3h - hours; 1d - days;

  • npm i easy-script