A WebRTC signaling server

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  import easySignaling from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-signaling';


easy signaling

What is this?

WebRTC Signaling with as few complexity as possible. It is compatible with rtc-lib. You can use the signaling server standalone or integrate it in your Node.js project.


Install the package with

npm install -g easy-signaling

To use the signaling server in standalone mode simply run


You can use the environment variables BIND_PORT (defaults to 8080) and BIND_HOST (defaults to to configure the listening socket of the server. A websocket server will be listening on the specified port and provide signaling to clients.


If you want to include the server in your project install add the dependency 'easy-signaling' to your package.json.

You can either use a Hotel to provide multiple rooms ...

var hotel = new require("easy-signaling").Hotel()
hotel.create_guest(connection, "room_name")

... or use Room if you need only one room ...

var room = new require("easy-signaling").Room()

The connection object in the examples is a Channel implementing the connectino to the client. You can implement your own Channel or use WebsocketChannel which is a wrapper around WebSockets provided by the ws library.

The complete documenation is available here.