Easily generate share links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

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🚀 Easy Social Share Links

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Easily generate share links for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Email!

Demo 🏄‍♂️


Features 🔥

  • Less than 2kb! (under 1kb minified)
  • Zero Dependencies
  • Easy to use! 💪

Install 🔮

$ npm install easy-social-share-links


$ yarn add easy-social-share-links

Usage 💻

import shareLink from "easy-social-share-links"

shareLink('fb', 'https://github.com/Alex61NN5/easy-social-share-links');


The method takes 2 arguments with an optional third and fourth.

First argument is the provider, the options are 'fb', 'tw', 'li', 'em'.

fb = facebook
tw = twitter
li = linkedIn
em = email

Second argument is the link you wish to share eg. 'https://github.com/Alex61NN5/easy-social-share-links'

Third argument is optional and will work will all providers except for fb as of writing this facebook does not have a standard way to add text to a share link (if this ever changes please submit a pull request). The third argument is some text that will go before the link in either a tweet or linkedIn share, for em it will become the subject of the email.

Fourth Argument is optional and will only work when using 'em' which is emailBody, this is some text you can write before the link is shared in the email.



// Facebook share
shareLink('fb', 'https://github.com');

// Twitter share no text
shareLink('tw', 'https://github.com');

// Twitter share with text
shareLink('tw', 'https://github.com', 'Check out this awesome site!');
'https://twitter.com/intent/tweet?url=https://github.com&text=Check out this awesome site!'

// LinkedIn share
shareLink('li', 'https://github.com')

// email share no subject or body
shareLink('em', 'https://github.com')

// email share with subject
shareLink('em', 'https://github.com', 'Check out this website')
'mailto:?subject=Check out this website&body=https://github.com'

// email share with subject and body
shareLink('em', 'https://github.com', 'Check out this website', 'no really check it out heres the link')
'mailto:?subject=Check out this website&body=no really check it out heres the link https://github.com'

Support 💬

  • 🐞 For Bug Reports and Enhancements please use the issues section

  • 🕊️ To contact me directly you can find me via my twitter