Easy Time Tracker npm package

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  import easyTimeTracker from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-time-tracker';



The Easy Time Tracker is a simple CLI to manage your work time.

Use the Easy Time Tracker

Install the npm package with npm install -g easy-time-tracker

Getting started

To start the tracking, run ttrack start -j <Job Name>. To stop tracking, run ttrack stop. If you want to have a break, run ttrack pause and resume work with ttrack play. To add an entry, run ttrack add -j <Job Name> -t "1-1-2020" "8:00" "17:00".
To get more help, run ttrack --help.


The Data is saved in your home dir as a json file called easy-time-tracker-store.json. It is recommended to backup this file once a month.

Develop the Easy Time Tracker

The Easy Time Tracker is a small Node.js Application. To develop on your machine, just run npm link inside the project root. Run test Unit Tests with npm run test.