A tool utilizing google input tool for the use of easy typing repositories such as ENT, EHt & EBT

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import easyTypingInputTool from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-typing-input-tool';



Tool utilizing goolge input tool for Easy Typing (ENT, EHT, EBT)

Publishing NPM Package

  1. Create & PUsh Git Tag:

    git tag v2.0.0 git push origin --tags

  2. Login to Npm

    npm login
    userename: r******
    password: ***
    email: sam***.***.*****@****.com

    To Verify if Logged in:

    npm whoami 
  3. Modify the tag version on package.json as below:

      "name": "easy-typing-input-tool",
      "version": "2.0.0",
  4. Publish the package in npm js

    npm publish 

    Will Give Following output:

    npm notice 
    npm notice 📦  easy-typing-input-tool@2.0.0
    npm notice === Tarball Contents === 
    npm notice 1.2kB  package.json                         
    npm notice 15.7kB index.js                             
    npm notice 1.1kB  LICENSE                              
    npm notice 3.0kB  README.md                            
    npm notice 926B   webpack.config.js                    
    npm notice 4.2kB  dist/easy-typing-input-tool-bundle.js
    npm notice 877B   src/index.html                       
    npm notice === Tarball Details === 
    npm notice name:          easy-typing-input-tool                  
    npm notice version:       2.0.0                                   
    npm notice package size:  8.2 kB                                  
    npm notice unpacked size: 27.0 kB                                 
    npm notice shasum:        2ee3970f3fb1623013c3343706edee9b34eae69f
    npm notice integrity:     sha512-Tr0OhPun1U1kg[...]k13F1lTKnnx9Q==
    npm notice total files:   7                                       
    npm notice 
    + easy-typing-input-tool@2.0.0


  • Prerequirement: Jquery

  • HTML :

    • Minimum Requirement:

       <!-- REQUIRED! for displaying message -->
       <div id="input_tool_helper">
           <em>Additional options appears here!</em>
       <textarea id="input_tool" <!-- REQUIRED! -->
         dir="ltr|rtl" <!-- Optional (required to specify script with right to left for e.g. Urdu, Arabic)-->
       <!-- REQUIRED! -->
       <input type="hidden" name="googleInputKeyCode" value="specify input key code for e.g., (ne-t-i0-und)">
    • For ENT (Based on Mobile Version):

      <div id="input_tool_helper">
          <em>Additional options appears here!</em>
      <div id="TextareaWrapper">
          <div id="CopyTool"
               class="tool-button-theme light-grey"
               style="right: 10px; bottom: 8px"
          <textarea id="input_tool"
                    class="mobileLanguageTextarea copiable storable"
                    dir="<?= $textDirection ?>"
          <input type="hidden" name="googleInputKeyCode" value="<?= $androidInputKeyCode; ?>">
  • JavaScript :

    • npm install and save on package.json:

      npm i easy-typing-input-tool --save
    • require & use it / webpack it:

      const googleInputTool = require('easy-typing-input-tool');
    • or copy easy-typing-input-tool-bundle.js from dist folder via gulp or webpack to required folder (for e.g public/js | dist)

  • Style Sheet :

    • Apply your own style

    • or, ENT Mobile Style:

      #input_tool_helper {
          height: 33px;
          width: 100%;
          text-align: right;
          color: #ccc;
      #input_tool_helper > .btn {
          margin: 0px 1px;
          // Remove on select highlight border
          outline: 0;
      #input_tool_helper > em {
          font-size: 12px;

Supported Languages

Language Code
Amharic am-t-i0-und
Arabic ar-t-i0-und
Bengali bn-t-i0-und
Chinese (Hong Kong) yue-hant-t-i0-und
Chinese (Simplified, China) zh-t-i0-pinyin
Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan) zh-hant-t-i0-und
Greek el-t-i0-und
Gujarati gu-t-i0-und
Hindi hi-t-i0-und
Kannada kn-t-i0-und
Malayalam ml-t-i0-und
Marathi mr-t-i0-und
Nepali ne-t-i0-und
Oriya or-t-i0-und
Persian fa-t-i0-und
Punjabi pu-t-i0-und
Russian ru-t-i0-und
Sanskrit sa-t-i0-und
Serbian sr-t-i0-und
Sinhalese si-t-i0-und
Tamil ta-t-i0-und
Telugu te-t-i0-und
Thai th-t-i0-und
Tigrinya ti-t-i0-und
Urdu ur-t-i0-und




## Running webpack in dev

`npm run dev`

## Running webpack in production (minifies js)

`npm run prod`