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Easy Update State On Mobx State Tree

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For anyone, who use Mobx and Mobx state tree.

Why you should use this package?

Normally, in Mobx state tree (MST) if you want to change state of tree/node, you must write so many functions to change them.

For example:

export const Item = types
  .model("Item", {
    title: types.string,
    price: types.string
  .actions((self) => ({
    changeTitle: (title: string) => {
      self.title = title;
    changePrice: (price: string) => {
      self.price = price;

if you have n properties, you must write n functions to change them (like changeTitle and changePrice in above example), which can make you feel tired because of the long code.

My package is solution. With my package, we can be "lazy", avoid writing so many functions.


yarn add mobx mobx-state-tree easy-update-mst

My package require mobx and mobx state tree


In your model

import { types, Instance } from "mobx-state-tree";
import { ActionUpdate } from 'easy-update-mst';

export const UserModel = types.model("User Model", {
  id: types.identifier,
  name: types.string,
  job: types.model({
    code: types.optional(types.string, 'Javascript'),
    exp: types.optional(types.number, 1.5),
  // another action
  .actions(() => ({
    doSomething() {
  // inject action update to model

Now in your component you can use function setMobxState and setMobxDeepState to change state. For example:

export const UserEntry: React.FC<TProp> = observer(({ user }) => {
  const { name, job, id, setMobxState, setMobxDeepState } = user;

  const onChangeName = (e: React.ChangeEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => {
    setMobxState({ name: e.target.value });

  const onChangejobLang = (e: React.ChangeEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => {
    setMobxDeepState('job.code', e.target.value)

  const onChangeJobExp = (e: React.ChangeEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => {
    setMobxDeepState('job.exp', Number(e.target.value))

  return (
      id: {id}
      <br />
      Name: <input value={name} onChange={onChangeName} />
      <br />
      <div style={{  margin: "5px 3px" ,paddingLeft: '10px', borderLeft: '2px solid #ccc' }}>
        Language: <input value={job.code} onChange={onChangejobLang} />
        <br />
        Exp: <input value={job.exp} onChange={onChangeJobExp} type="number" />

You can see this example.

Thanks to

  • Mobx and Mobx state tree team for ideas.
  • Ernesto Freyre for awesome post.
  • beau for everything.
  • #tinaphamhoney for the translation.

Author: CuongNguyenHuu