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  import easyWorkerThread from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easy-worker-thread';



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More convenient to use worker thread using the tarn.js maintain thread pool

node 12+


$ npm i easy-worker-thread --save


Attention: The scope of the method is isolated for package and variable

const EasyWorkerThread = require('easy-worker-thread');

// reference tarn.js config
const config = {
  min: 0,
  max: 5,
  // acquire promises are rejected after this many milliseconds
  // if a resource cannot be acquired
  acquireTimeoutMillis: 30000,

  // create operations are cancelled after this many milliseconds
  // if a resource cannot be acquired
  createTimeoutMillis: 30000,

  // destroy operations are awaited for at most this many milliseconds
  // new resources will be created after this timeout
  destroyTimeoutMillis: 5000,

  // free resouces are destroyed after this many milliseconds
  idleTimeoutMillis: 30000,

  // how often to check for idle resources to destroy
  reapIntervalMillis: 1000,

  // how long to idle after failed create before trying again
  createRetryIntervalMillis: 200,

  // If true, when a create fails, the first pending acquire is
  // rejected with the error. If this is false (the default) then
  // create is retried until acquireTimeoutMillis milliseconds has
  // passed.
  propagateCreateError: false,

const easyWorkerThread = new EasyWorkerThread(config);

const _ = require('lodash')
const foo = 'bar';

// The parameter need to be object for more arguments
async function test({ param1, param2 }) {
  const _ = require('lodash') // require again
  console.error(foo); // undefined

  return 'bar';

await easyWorkerThread.createWorkerThread(test, { param1, param2 }) // 'bar'