A easy and foolish way to develop a socket module, which is easy to use as well. Now support both TCP and UDP.

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easy_sock — Make socket use easier


A fast way to create TCP socket API in nodejs

0.3.0 updated : easy_sock supports UDP now! See test_udp.js

easy_sock帮你快速开发基于tcp协议的接口,快速打通nodejs跟其他私有协议server的交互。让你做到像调用本地接口一样调用server api。

easy_sock helps you to build a reliable, friendly used socket Api, with any kinds of binary protocols.


easy_sock helps you to solve the follow probrams:

  • 处理socket发送、接收数据,以及数据包完整性校验 Take care of send/receive message, and check whether the package is complete
  • 封装网络请求中各种复杂的异步调用以及中间过程,屏蔽tcp连接细节 Take care of asyn calls in socket use. You don't need to call "connect()" before use.
  • 支持长连接、socket复用以及并发请求 Keep alive mode is available. Send multi request at the same time in a single socket.
  • 自动管理连接状态,在合适的时候帮你断开连接或重新连接 Connect and close socket Automatically
  • 各种异常处理 Call you when error occurs


如果你的网络协议符合以下特性,便可以使用easy_sock: In what circumstances can I use easy_sock:

  • 基于tcp连接,通过二进制或文本协议封包 Base on tcp connect, binary or text protocols
  • 符合一来一回的应答试请求 Send one request and get one response
  • 支持通过请求序列号的方式来接收和返回并发请求包(大部分网络协议都支持,否则无法支持并发) The Server side support concurrent request, use sequence number to identify certain request

安装 Install

npm install easy_sock

使用简单,任性 Easy to use

下面通过一个基于easy_sock封装的cmem接口,来演示如何使用: (下面不翻译了,自己看代码吧)

var Cmem = require("cmem_core");
var client = new Cmem({
    keepAlive : false

client.getData("key1",function(err, data){...});
client.getData("key2",function(err, data){...});
client.getData("key3",function(err, data){
  client.getData("key4",function(err, data){...});

这是一个短连接的例子(keepAlive=false)。 可以看到,代码里没有connect、close等方法的调用,因为easy_sock已经帮你封装好了,会在第一次请求的时候建立连接,在没有任何请求后断开连接。注意到代码里面实际包含了并发请求和串行请求,不用担心会同时发起多个tcp connection,所有请求只会共享一个tcp连接。

注意到key4是在key3回调后才发起请求的,这时候有可能因为前三个请求已经返回而断开连接。遇到这种情况下,程序会再次发起一个新连接完成请求,然后断开。 当keepAlive=true时,会使用长连接方式,这时候必须主动调用close()方法来断开连接。



All you need to do is finish the following functions, then an Api is accomplish:

  • encode:将需要发送的数据按协议进行二进制编码
  • decode:将接收到的包进行解码,转换成js可操作的格式
  • isReceiveComplete:判断当前数据包是否完整


You can make a gyp to do this. As a matter of fact, no matter what protocol it is, all works are the same except these three functions. That's why easy_sock is written.



function createSocket(){
    var easysock = new EasySock();
        ip : "",
        port : 9101,	
        keepAlive : false,	
        timeout : 50	//0 by default
    //check if the package is received complete
    easysock.isReceiveComplete = function(packet){		
        var len = 0;	
        //your code here..
        * Check if the package is received complete. If not, return 0.
        * Otherwise return length of the FIRST complete package.
        * If the buffer contains more than one package--it usually happens when package size is small--, 
        * just return the size of first one(not total).
        return len;
    //encode the data to binary 
    easysock.encode = function(data, seq){
        var packet = new Buffer(100);
        packet.writeInt32BE(seq, 0);
        //your code here..

        //Translate the "data"(usually is a json or string) into a Buffer, and return the Buffer
        return packet;		
    //decode the buffer
    easysock.decode = function(packet){
        //The packet is a Buffer with a complete response. So decode the buffer to other type of data.
        var seq = packet.readInt32BE(0);
        //do sth else
        //must return the result and seq
        return {
            result : {},
            seq : seq
    return easysock;

var client = createSocket();

        key : ""
    function(err, data){
        if (err){
            //err is a string
            console.log("fail:" + err);

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