Easy way to backup/restore multiple mongodb databases.

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  import easybackup from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easybackup';



A easy way to backup/restore multiple MongoDB databases using CLI.

How to use

  • Install using npm install easybackup -g
  • Test using easybackup --example. That will show the most common examples.

Main Commands

  • --help - Show all available options.
  • --example - Show the most common usage examples.
  • --path=<abs_path> - Change the dump path.
  • --add - Add a new Database.
  • -remove- Remove a specific database.
  • --dbs - List all available databases.
  • --list - List all available backup files.
  • --dump - Dump all available databases.

Specification commands

Specification commands are used to complement the Main commands.

  • --db=<database_name> - Select a specific database.
  • --date=<some_date> - Specifies a date with format "0000-00-00".


Bruno Morceli - pirofagista@gmail.com