easymake - task runner, based on presets

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  import easymake from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/easymake';



a preset-based task-runner

You need to use presets, not easymake directly if you don't want to make your own preset

lists of known presets

List of known presets or search on npm "easymake preset"


You can find documentation here https://github.com/madcode-tech/easymake/wiki

mandatory configuration:

  1. Select preset, set it as (!important) devDependency for your project (easymake will be installed with preset).
  2. In package.json set preset name in config.easymake.preset (see below)
  3. npm install
  4. run tasks from preset with easymake (read a description of preset)

configuration in package.json:


  "config" = {

    "easymake" = {

    "preset" - name of preset to use




  • --help - help

  • --config-empty - copy empty configs (use for override some parameter in config files)

  • --config-default - copy preset configs (inspect what contains a preset)

  • --run <task name> - run task

  • --production - setting flag in environment that task run for production (tasks can use this flag if they need them)

  • --mode <String> - setting mode flag for task-environment (tasks can use this flag if they need them)

  • --environment <String> - setting "environment" flag in task running environment (tasks can use this flag if they need them)