A node client for Easyship

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Easyship Node.js API wrapper

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You will need to register for a Easyship account to use the Easyship API. It's free to sign up, free to use the API. Only pay to print a live label, test labels are free.


You can install this package by running the following command:

  npm install easyship


Initialize your easyship instance using your API Access Token provided to you on the API page in the Easyship Dashboard.

  const easyship = require('easyship')('<ACCESS_TOKEN>');

    origin_postal_code: '60605',
    destination_country_alpha2: 'US',
    destination_postal_code: '60605',
    taxes_duties_paid_by: 'Sender',
    is_insured: false,
    apply_shipping_rules: true,
    items: [{
      actual_weight: 1.2,
      height: 10,
      width: 15,
      length: 20,
      category: 'mobiles',
      declared_currency: 'SGD',
      declared_customs_value: 100,
  }).then(({ rates }) => {

Method Overview

Shipping API

HTTP Method Endpoint Methods
POST /rate/v1/rates easyship.rate.create()
POST /shipment/v1/shipments easyship.shipment.create()
POST /shipment/v1/shipments/create_and_buy_label easyship.shipment.createLabel()
PATCH /shipment/v1/shipments/{easyship_shipment_id} easyship.shipment.update()
GET /shipment/v1/shipments/{easyship_shipment_id} easyship.shipment.retrieve()
GET /shipment/v1/shipments easyship.shipment.list()
DELETE /shipment/v1/shipments/{easyship_shipment_id} easyship.shipment.del()
PATCH /shipment/v1/shipments/update_warehouse_state easyship.shipment.updateWarehouse()
POST /label/v1/labels easyship.label.create()
GET /pickup/v1/pickup_slots/{courier_id} easyship.pickup.retrieve()
POST /pickup/v1/pickups easyship.pickup.create()
POST /pickup/v1/direct_handover easyship.pickup.directHandover()
GET /track/v1/status easyship.track.status()
GET /track/v1/checkpoints easyship.track.checkpoints()
GET /reference/v1/categories easyship.categories.list()

Check example.js for more detail.


This project was created from stripe-node.


Please see https://developers.easyship.com/reference documentation.


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