Combines blog slugs with a web crawler to build an xml sitemap

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  import eazeSitemapGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/eaze-sitemap-generator';


Site Map

This script will use sitemap-generator-cli to scrape the website for urls and generates an xml sitemap from those urls. It will then combine the blog slugs found here and a base-url to generate a site map with all (non-product) links. There are two boolean flags to control whether to test the url for a 200 response (one for existing sitemap urls, and one for the blog slugs).


- BLOGS_BASE_PATH    (string) - Sets base url for blog (default: https://cms.ore0.eaze.tech)
- SCRAPE_WEBSITE     (bool)   - Sets whether to scrape website (default: true)
- CHECK_BLOG_URLS    (bool)   - Sets whether to test that the blog slugs + base url resolve (default: false)
- CHECK_SCRAPED_URLS (bool)   - Sets whether to check the links within the existing sitemap.xml (default: false)
- DEBUG              (bool)   - Sets whether to display debug information (default: false)


git clone git@github.com:eaze/site-map.git
cd site-map
npm install


npm run web-start


A CircleCI script runs on any push to master and at 9am UTC (1am PST) to generate a new sitemap.xml file and push it to an s3 bucket.