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This package is an api to ebird data. It uses web scrapers to pull data from the ebird site.


    npm install ebird


var ebird = require('ebird');

// Create a new instance of the ebird api.
var instance = new ebird();

// Authorize with an ebird username and password
instance.auth(username, password).then(() => {
    // Once authorized, query for regions or another metric.  
    instance.regions().then(results => {
        console.log('Regions', JSON.stringify(results));

    // Request countries in paralle with regions.
    instance.countries().then(results => {
        console.log('Counties', JSON.stringify(results));


constructor ebird(opt_sessionToken)

Constructs an instance of the ebird api. var instance = new ebird(); If you have a ebird session token you can pass that in the constructor var instance = new ebird(sessionToken);.

auth(username, password) returns sessionToken

Authenticates an ebird instance. Returns a session token so you can skip full auth when using a different ebird instance. Ebird uses phantom js to log in, which can be flaky. To receive better reliability save the session token between uses to avoid instantiating phantom js.


totals.regions() totals.countries() totals.states() totals.counties()

This functions all work the same. They return a personal list of counts for a user for the given location.

    "name": place_name,
    "code": ebird_code,
            "number": count,
            "time": time_frame_string,


list(ebird_code, time_frame_string, opt_year)

Retrieves an array of objects for a bird list.

// Example response. ebird.list('US-CA', 'life');
        commonName: "Black-bellied Whistling-Duck",
        date: "24 Apr 2015",
        location: "Baytown Nature Center (UTC 039)",
        rowNumber: "1",
        scientificName: "Dendrocygna autumnalis",
        sp: "US-TX",
        speciesCode: "bbwduc",


alerts.needs(code) alerts.rarities(code)

Returns an array of sightings for either a needs or a rarities list.

    species: {
        name: 'Pin-tailed Whydah ',
        scientificName: 'Vidua macroura'
    confirmed: true,
    count: '1',
    date: 'Apr 2, 2016 08:40',
    location: {
        name: 'Peck Rd. Water Conservation Park ',
        lat: '34.10053',
        long: '-118.01333'
    checklist: 'http://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist?subID=SUB_ID',
    county: 'Los Angeles',
    state: 'California, United States',
    observer: 'eBirder User',
    details: '',



Returns an array of species and frequencies for a user's target birds


location: Location Code.
startMonth: Month number 1-12.
endMonth: Month number 1-12.
locationFilter: Location code, 'aba', or 'world'.
timeFilter: 'life', 'year', 'month', or 'day'.


    species: {
        name: 'Yellow Warbler',
        code: 'yelwar'
    frequency: 5.77985,
    map: 'http://ebird.org/...',