EB Rudder is a small CLI for tailing Elastic Beanstalk logs.

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EB Rudder


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EB Rudder is a small CLI for tailing Elastic Beanstalk logs.


To install and use the EB Rudder, you will need Node.js (version 4 or greater) and NPM (nodejs.org).


EB Rudder is meant to be installed via NPM.

npm install -g ebrudder


After installing EB Rudder will be available on your path.


To see a what options are available to a command ask for help:

ebrudder help



ebrudder Will query your EC2 environment to find all instance associated with the provided Elastic Beanstalk environment name (-e) and then tail all of the specified log files (-f) across all instances.

Credentials work similar to the AWS CLI. We expect you have environment variables for your AWS key data, optionally you can supply a profile (-p) to reference an existing profile from your aws/.credentials file. If you do not have an environment variable for region set we will use the one provided which will default to us-east-1. The same applies when using profiles and no region is found.


  • -e, --env <name> Name of the elastic beanstalk environment
  • -u, --user [username] The username to used to log into instances. Supports: ec2-user, root, ubuntu (defaults to ec2-user)
  • -k, --key <keypair path>: Path to your keypair file
  • -i, --private, Use instance private IP (needed for VPCs) (defaults to false)
  • -p, --profile <profile name> AWS profile to use from .aws/credentials
  • -r, --region [regionName] AWS region to use. Supports: us-east-1, us-east-2, us-west-1, us-west-2 (defaults to us-east-1)
  • -f, --files <file> File path or pattern to tail, multiples supported


Are you using ALKS? This becomes even simpler:

alks sessions open -o creds -n callinschooliny -f && ebrudder -e searchengine-pp1-master -k ~/.ssh/my.pem -p callinschooliny -i