Turn a text file into an epub chapter

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import ebukafy from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ebukafy';


     ebukafy -- convert text into epub chapters

     ebukafy [-fh] [-p par-sep] [-s sec-sep] filename ...

     The ebukafy utility takes in a plain text file and converts it to
     an html file ready to be used as a chapter in an epub. When ran, 
     ebukafy will create a folder called 'ebukafy_index' in which will 
     be located the html files for each chapter. Additionaly, the 
     'ebukafy_index' folder will contain a file called 
     'stylesheet_additions.css' which will nclude the CSS required to 
     display these html chapters.

     The options are as follows:

     -f       Filter out newlines from within each paragraph.
     -h       Display usage statement.

     -p       String used to seperate paragraphs within given text.

     -s       String used to seperate sections within given text. 
              'Sections' are the chunks of a book usually delimited by 
              a blank line.

     NOTE: If you want to use escaped characters for the paragraph and 
           section seperators, use ANSI C-like strings with this syntax: 

string'. Look at EXAMPLES section for examples.

     If you had a text file called 'book.txt', wanted the paragraph
     separator to be '\n\n', and the section separator to be '\n\n\n'
     then you would run ebukafy like so:

     ebukafy -p 

\n\n' -s 

\n\n\n' book.txt