Pure JS/TS library with Ed448 for EdDSA

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  import ed448Js from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ed448-js';


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Pure JavaScript/TypeScript implementation of the Ed448 elliptic curve (RFC 8032) for EdDSA signature. Uses the jsbn library for big integer operations. Uses jssha for SHAKE256 hash calculation.


Using npm:

npm install ed448-js

or yarn:

yarn add ed448-js

Then include it in your code:

import createEd448 from "ed448-js";


const Ed448 = createEd448();


Calculate public key from a provided private key

const privateKey = crypto.randomFillSync(new Uint8Array(57));
const publicKey = Ed448.getPublicKey(privateKey);

The private key can be any random generated byte-array of length 57

sign(privateKey, message, context?): number[]

Calculate the EdDSA signature. The result is represented as plain number array (length: 114). It can be converted using Buffer.from, or Uint8Array.from.

verify(publicKey, message, signature, context?): boolean

Verify the EdDSA signature.