Edge account & wallet management library

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  import edgeLogin from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/edge-login';


Edge Login

This library implements the Edge login system. It runs inside a client application, and provides zero-knowledge backup for cryptographic keys and other secrets via a familiar password-based login system.


See https://developer.airbitz.co/javascript/

Account Management UI

To quickly get up and running with the UI for account creation, login, and management, use airbitz-core-js-ui.


Just use npm install --save edge-login to add this library to your project.

If you are on React Native, you must also do:

# Install native support libraries:
npm install --save react-native-fast-crypto react-native-fs
npm install --save git://github.com/Airbitz/react-native-randombytes.git
npm install --save git://github.com/Airbitz/react-native-tcp.git

# Link support libraries into the native project files:
react-native link react-native-fast-crypto
react-native link react-native-fs
react-native link react-native-randombytes
react-native link react-native-tcp

The bundled library uses only ES5 feature thanks to Bublé, but we do require the following ES2015 features either natively or as polyfills:

  • Object.assign
  • Promise
  • Uint8Array

If you want to run in the browser, you must also have:

  • fetch
  • localStorage
  • Window.crypto.getRandomNumbers


Run yarn to download dependencies and build the library, then run yarn test to run the unit tests, and yarn flow to check for type errors.

All sources are in the JavaScript Standard Style + Prettier. We check files prior to each commit, so if you have formatting issues, you can run yarn format to fix them automatically.

If you use Visual Studio Code, consider installing the prettier-vscode extension. You'll want to enable the prettier.eslintIntegration configuration option for this to work seamlessly with Standard.

If you use Atom, you can use prettier-atom. You'll want to check the "ESLint Integration" setting for this to work seamlessly with Standard.