Enable async-await for Ember

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  import emberAsyncToGenerator from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ember-async-to-generator';



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ember install ember-async-to-generator

What does the addon do?

tl;dr: Enable async-await syntax without including the whole babel polyfill.

Under the hood, this addon configures babel's async-to-generator plugin to use RSVP.Promise. The babel plugin defaults to use native Promise which breaks in old browsers.

The transpiled async/await code needs regenerator-runtime. This addon will check target browsers, babel options to properly import the asset (~2.5kb after gzip).

The browsers list support generator and async-await from babel can be found at babel-preset-env/data/plugins.json.

Can I only include the transform for my addon's tests?

Yes, adding ember-async-to-generator to your addon's devDependencies will not affect host apps.

Notice your addon's local development will also have async/await available. To avoid async/await code from addon, you can add lint rules to make sure async/await is test only.

What about ember-maybe-import-regenerator(-for-testing)?

ember-maybe-import-regenerator and ember-maybe-import-regenerator-for-testing only imports the regenerator assets, but your app will still be using native Promise.

ember-async-to-generator will check existence of those two addons to avoid duplicate import. If you wish to only import the asset in test, you can install ember-maybe-import-regenerator-for-testing and eslint-plugin-disable-features, see this blog post.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.