Extract language specific CSS to it's own language-specific CSS file.

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<script type="module">
  import emberCliCssLangOptimizer from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ember-cli-css-lang-optimizer';



This addon causes language specific rulesets in CSS to be extracted into per-language css files. The original CSS file has the language specific rulesets removed from it.

This plugin uses postcss-lang-optimizer and adapts it for use in Ember.js projects.


In environment.js you can customize the behavior of this addon by passing options to your APP under the langOptimizer key:

// environment.js
  langOptimizer: {
    // includeBaseFile controls whether the base css is included
    // in every language-specific output file. When set to `false`,
    // only the lang-specific selectors are output to the language
    // specific file. Defaults to `true`.
    includeBaseFile: true,
    // filenameForLang is optional, when omited the filename is "<basename>_<lang>.css"
    filenameForLang: function(baseFilename, lang) {
      return baseFilename.replace(".css", "-" + lang + ".css")
    // Passed along to the underlying postcss-lang-optimizer plugin.  Defaults to false.
    subtags: false,
    // Ensures a file is written for each of these languages (and only these languages)
    // even if they are or are not specified in the source CSS.
    // If omitted, languages are discovered from the source CSS file.
    // This property can also be set to a function that returns an array of langs.
    langs: ["en", "de", "zh"]