Add ramda-extended and ramda-extended-rsvp to your Emberjs apps.

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  import emberCliRamdaExtended from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/ember-cli-ramda-extended';



This package does the following:

  1. Adds ramda-ember to your project
  2. Adds ramda-ember-rsvp to your project (works with Ember.RSVP)
  3. Re-implements regular R function like prop and pluck to be compatible with Ember.js getters and setters (See warning below)
  4. Adds R.Ember namespace to house Ember-specific functions


This is a work in progress. Not all functions have been modified to be Emberjs compatible. When in doubt, check the source to see if a function has been implemented. If you need a Ramda function that has not been ported yet, then please submit a pull request!

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Installation (Ember-cli)

  • ember install Ember-cli-ramda-extended
  • npm install
  • bower install

Usage Notes

After installing, the R namespace is globally available, including R.rsvp and R.Ember