A suite of Ember components wrapping the official Google material-components-web library

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ember-material-components-web, or MDC-Ember, is an Ember CLI addon that provides the Ember way to use material-components-web (MDC-Web). It installs and uses the CSS and JavaScript directly from Google's packages, and provides components you can drop right into your application.

Until proper documentation can be written, please refer to the extensive JSDoc comments in the addon/ directory.


A demo app can be found at secondstreet.github.io/ember-material-components-web. Its source code is in tests/dummy/app in this repo.


ember install ember-material-components-web


It's advisable to run ember g ember-material-components-web between upgrades as dependencies may have been added, removed, or upgraded between releases. Please try this, along with clearing node_modules and bower_components before reporting issues after upgrading.

Also please note that independently upgrading any of the @material/[...] packages in your package.json's devDependencies may introduce bugs, as Google is quickly iterating and introducing breaking chanegs on MDC-Web.

For more information on using ember-cli, visit https://ember-cli.com/.


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