English determiners

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A simple Node.js module that contains English determiners.

For instance the is the definite article for singular.

It exposes a single function, getDet, that takes 3 arguments:

  • determiner type (string, mandatory): DEFINITE INDEFINITE DEMONSTRATIVE or POSSESSIVE
  • when POSSESSIVE:
    • gender of the owner (string): M F or N
    • number of the owner (string): S or P
  • number of the owned (string): S or P
  • distance (string, optional, only used for DEMONSTRATIVE): NEAR (this these) or FAR (that those)
  • boolean to force usage of the when DEFINITE plural (default is false: no article when definite plural)


npm install english-determiners


var determiners = require('english-determiners');

// the
console.log( determiners.getDet('DEFINITE', null, null, 'S', null) );

// those
console.log( determiners.getDet('DEMONSTRATIVE', null, null, 'P', 'FAR') );

// their
console.log( determiners.getDet('POSSESSIVE', null, 'P', 'S', null) );

See test.js for examples.


no dependency