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This is the monorepo for all things enocean in javascript. It is home to a library of tools to work with enocean telegrams in javascript. some of the features are:

  • a general encoder/decoder for all EEPs that runs in node.js and the browser allowing you to go from binary representation to JSON back and forth. i call it the transcoder.
  • a serialport ESP3Parser
  • a common command interface for managing your USB device
  • a transformer to turn ESP3 packets into concrete types with all their interfaces.

you can install and use these tools separately or in a complete package. so either npm install enocean-js or npm install @enocean-js/some-tool. You can find all the installable modules at the enocean-js npm organisation

You will also find some full blown apps here:

Some work has started on creating an EEP Description Language (EEPDL) based on JSON. I started creating a json-schema for it. It will be used for documentation as well as beeing an integral part of the transcoder. I will also publish the json descritions of all the EEPs for other implementers. For this to be useful, the describing language must be well defined.


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npm i -S enocean-js

simple examle

nmp i -S enocean-js serialport

and then...

const SerialPort = require('serialport')
const Enocean = require('enocean-js')
const pretty = Enocean.pretty
const ESP3Parser = Enocean.ESP3Parser

const port = new SerialPort('/dev/ttyUSB0', { baudRate: 57600 })
const parser = new ESP3Parser()

parser.on('data', pretty.logESP3)


the documentation is still lacking, sorry... the only thing i can offer for now is the description of the content of enocean telegrams (EEP specification). It's not yet fully functional :-(


if you want to support this project, consider donating something to this address:

Bitcoin: 1FLXyLHPn3N1KLznUp39uTfHqPBfoM63t4