Encode & decode XML and HTML entities with ease

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Encode & decode HTML & XML entities with ease & speed.

How to…

…install entities

npm install entities

…use entities

const entities = require("entities");

entities.escape("&#38;"); // "&#x26;#38;"
entities.encodeXML("&#38;"); // "&amp;#38;"
entities.encodeHTML("&#38;"); // "&amp;&num;38&semi;"

entities.decodeXML("asdf &amp; &#xFF; &#xFC; &apos;"); // "asdf & ÿ ü '"
entities.decodeHTML("asdf &amp; &yuml; &uuml; &apos;"); // "asdf & ÿ ü '"


This is how entities compares to other libraries on a very basic benchmark (see scripts/benchmark.ts, for 10,000,000 iterations):

Library decode perf encode perf escape perf Bundle size
entities 1.418s 6.786s 2.196s npm bundle size
html-entities 2.530s 6.829s 2.415s npm bundle size
he 5.800s 24.237s 3.624s npm bundle size
parse-entities 9.660s N/A N/A npm bundle size


This libary wouldn't be possible without the work of these individuals. Thanks to

  • @mathiasbynens for his explanations about character encodings, and his library he, which was one of the inspirations for entities
  • @inikulin for his work on optimized tries for decoding HTML entities for the parse5 project
  • @mdevils for taking on the challenge of producing a quick entity library with his html-entities library. entities would be quite a bit slower if there wasn't any competition. Right now entities is on top, but we'll see how long that lasts!

License: BSD-2-Clause

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