Better Deployment with Node.js

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  import envoy from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/envoy';



Fast, simple deployment of static sites.

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  • Correctness
  • Speed
  • Simplicity

Supported Services

  • S3
  • FTP

High-Level Calls

var envoy=require('envoy')
  , ftpOptions = {
      username: 'Fluffy'
    , password: 'McChubbers'
    , host:     'ftp.cheeseburger.com'
  , s3Options = {
      "bucket": "<BUCKET NAME>"
    , "key": "<AWS ACCESS KEY>"
    , "secret": "<AWS SECRET KEY>"
    , "region": "<AWS REGION>"      //us-west-1
  , simpleWebsite = {
      "index.html": '<h1>Welcome, Humans!</h1>'
  , afterDeploy = function (err, log) {
    if(err) {
      console.err("Uh-oh: " + err);
    else {
      console.log("Website Deployed!");
      console.log("Deployment log:");
      for(var i=0, ii=log.length; i<ii; i++) {

// Deploying a local folder to S3
envoy.deployFolder('./my-website-folder', 's3', s3Options, afterDeploy);

// Deploying a collection of files to FTP
envoy.deployCollection(simpleWebsite, 'ftp', ftpOptions, afterDeploy);

Low-Level Calls

You can perform lower level calls with the adapters directly.

  var client = new require('./lib/adapters/ftp')
    , opts = {username:'donkey', password:'kong'};
  client.before(opts, function (err) {
    client.put('some_file.txt', new Buffer('Some Data'), function (err) {
      client.after( function (err) {
      } );

All adapters support three operations

  • before
  • put
  • get
  • destroy
  • after

Certain adapters like FTP will support more operations unique to their operation

  • mkdir
  • rmdir
  • list

Take a look at the tests for more.


  • We leave a .envoy file in the remote directory to speed up future deploys. Make sure your FTP server is configured to show dotfiles.


You'll need a tests/secrets.json file to run the tests with jake test. See tests/secrets.example.json for an example secrets.json file. To test integration with different backends, you can have multiple secret files, name them secrets.somestring.json and run the tests with jake testWith[somestring].

  • FTP
    • Ensure user has write permissions
    • Server should be configured to show .dotfiles
    • Server should not auto-rename uploaded files on conflict
    • We are tested against pure-ftpd and vsftpd
  • S3
    • Enable static website hosting yourself
    • We'll set x-amz-acl = public-read on uploaded objects