A NodeJS Discord library

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Eris NPM version

A Node.js wrapper for interfacing with Discord.


You will need NodeJS 10.4+. If you need voice support you will also need Python 2.7 and a C++ compiler. Refer to the Getting Started section of the docs for more details.

npm install --no-optional eris

If you need voice support, remove the --no-optional.

Ping Pong Example

const Eris = require("eris");

// Replace TOKEN with your bot account's token
const bot = new Eris("Bot TOKEN", {
    intents: [

bot.on("ready", () => { // When the bot is ready
    console.log("Ready!"); // Log "Ready!"

bot.on("error", (err) => {
  console.error(err); // or your preferred logger

bot.on("messageCreate", (msg) => { // When a message is created
    if(msg.content === "!ping") { // If the message content is "!ping"
        bot.createMessage(, "Pong!");
        // Send a message in the same channel with "Pong!"
    } else if(msg.content === "!pong") { // Otherwise, if the message is "!pong"
        bot.createMessage(, "Ping!");
        // Respond with "Ping!"

bot.connect(); // Get the bot to connect to Discord

More examples can be found in the examples folder.

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Refer to the LICENSE file.